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At Trinity, we pursue discipleship by learning the truth, growing in faith and serving others.

Very simply, our mission is to continue Christ's mission - preaching the good news of the Gospel of grace and making disciples - and our vision is to be a healthy, growing local community of believers who worship the risen Christ together and represent Him well in our world.

How do we do that? By faithfully, consistently and intentionally seeking to LEARN, GROW AND SERVE together.

LEARN ~ we study and meditate on the Word of God together.  As a church, we also encourage each other in our faith by sharing testimonies of how the Lord is working in us. 

GROW ~ we then let our increasing knowledge of God, and our identity in Him, sink deep in our hearts, that our knowledge would become wisdom as we allow God, through His Spirit, to transform us from the inside out. We live out our beliefs together, allowing the fruit of the Holy Spirit to be evidenced in our lives, as we walk in faith and obedience. 

SERVE ~ we realize we cannot keep the good news a secret. As we learn together, then continue to grow and mature, we must put our faith into action. We serve one another with our spiritual gifts and serve the community and world around us with the love and compasion that Christ has shown us. We serve in many ways, but out ultimate service is found in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus to all who will listen. 

We then repeat the cycle!  This is a daily, even moment-by-moment, process that enables us to share Christ in every aspect of life, by fostering a spiritually healthy environment to live out the gospel together.