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Reopen Plan

Updated: 11/7/2020


(Sunday services are now recorded and livestreamed using Facebook Live)


Read the plan below. Watch Pastor Keith's message explaining our plan HERE.

**On Tuesday June 9, the governor issued Executive Order 152, increasing the limit on indoor gatherings to a maximum of 50 people. Therefore, the Trinity leadership has decided to begin meeting for Sunday services again starting June 28th. This will give us adequate time to fully clean and disinfect the entire building and make all necessary preparations for creating a safe environment for us to worship together. Below is the revised reopen plan. Please continue to check this website and your emails for information and updates before the 21st.

Trinity family,

The leadership team has been praying for you and is looking forward to gathering at church again on Sunday June 28th! We are very encouraged to hear of your love and support for one another during this time. It is evidence of the truth that, although we are separated, we are still the Church!

The Elders and Deacons take this threat of COVID-19 very seriously. We have been closely monitoring the situation and remain committed to following the lead of our state and local authorities as they continue to issue guidelines for our reopening. The Bible teaches us to pray for those in authority and maintain our Christian witness by submitting to their leadership and laws (Romans 13:1-7, 1 Peter 2:13-17, 1 Timothy 2:1-2). Civil disobedience against any form of government is allowed if it commands evil and requires a Christian to act in any way that is contrary to the clear teachings and requirements of God’s Word (Joshua 2, Daniel 3 & 6, Acts 4-5, Revelation 13:15). The leadership at Trinity does not believe this reflects our current situation.

The following is our plan for reopening Trinity for Sunday services. As this has been a very fluid situation, the plan can certainly change, but this information and list of guidelines will help to prepare us for resuming meeting together in larger groups.

Please carefully review the entire plan.

Sunday Service
STARTING SUNDAY JUNE 21st, the sermon will be recorded and livestreamed (using FB Live only) and posted to our website within 48 hours after service. Therefore, if you are not ready to return to church on Sundays just yet, you will still be able to watch the sermon on our website after the live service concludes.

Please see below for specific information about resuming Sunday services in the church building.

Prayer Gatherings
Wednesday night (7pm) and Saturday morning prayer (7am) gatherings are meeting at church!

Community Groups
Community Groups are meeting in person at church, with their respective leaders determining the appropriate plan, until home meetings can resume. If you have not participated in this ministry before, but are interested in attending one of the groups, please sign up on our website and you will be contacted by a leader with more information. Click on “Resources” on our homepage.

Resuming Sunday Services
When Sunday gatherings resume on June 21st, we will open the church for attendance with some limitations and safeguards. The church will receive a thorough cleaning and disinfecting before we return, and will be cleaned before and after each use. This includes Sunday services, and the specific spaces used by various ministries during the week.

We will have live music and singing as part of our worship!

1. Masks will be required until further notice. Please wear them at all times while in the building.
2. Trinity Kids’ ministry including Nursery is now available! (updated Nov 7 2020).
3. Coffee fellowship is now available @ 10am (updated Nov 7 2020). Monthly lunches will be announced on a month by month basis for now. 
4. Seating will be spaced to every other row and people must sit 6 feet apart. Designations will be made to ensure proper seating. Families can sit together.
6. Extra seating will also be available in Fellowship Hall (partition wall open) to make physical distancing easier.
7. The fellowship hall doors (to outside and lobby) will be open to help promote air circulation and ventilation. Please be aware of the weather/temperature and dress appropriately. Extreme weather conditions may altar this plan.
8. Both the front and back entrance doors will be open for use. Consider parking in the front or side lot and using the front entrance to help ease congestion at the main (back) entrance.
9. When Communion is observed, we will use combination pre-filled, individually sealed cup/wafer packets that will be on each seat as you enter, so we may take the elements together as instructed by Pastor Keith. These will be placed on seats by a volunteer wearing gloves and a mask.
10. Please refrain from shaking hands or touching others and practice physical distancing. Hand sanitizer will be made available in the entryway and at the Connection Center in the lobby.
11. At the conclusion of service, please enjoy fellowship outside
12. CONSIDER SITTING OUTSIDE TO LISTEN TO THE SERVICE if you are not yet ready to return. We have speakers for the back parking lot (above BBQ) and the doors will be open. You can then enjoy some fellowship outside after service when leaving, while still practicing safe physical distancing.

Please use your own good judgment regarding personal attendance. If you are high-risk, please consider not attending when we first begin meeting again. Staying at home a bit longer may make a big difference. Should you decide to attend, please be respectful of others and take all necessary precautions. Considering our attendees that are both over the age of 65 and that have underlying medical conditions is important.

We ask that you please stay at home if:
- you are sick with cough, shortness of breath, chills, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, fever of 100 degrees F. or higher, or have possibly been exposed to COVID-19 during the last 2 weeks
- you have underlying at-risk medical conditions

The CDC has information on how to help prevent the spread of the virus. Here is the link to their website: CDC Guidelines

The leadership is confident that the Lord will use this trial to grow us as a church as we stay focused on our theme for this year - A Clear Vision in 20/20 - remaining hopeful and bringing hope to a fearful and weary world.

1 Peter 3:15 “But set Christ apart as Lord in your hearts and always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess.”

The Elders & Deacons
Trinity Bible Church