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Disciples are called to make disciples. Just as Jesus modeled, His followers are to be involved in the lives of others, equipping them and urging them toward spiritual maturity.

Discipleship Pathway > Help Others Follow Jesus

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Discipleship is a church project. You do not have to graduate seminary or spend a certain amount of years as a follower of Jesus in order to help others. Every disciple should be pouring their life into someone else. This involves sharing the Gospel of grace with others, praying for them, encouraging & challenging them, and walking with them in an purposeful life-on-life relationship that helps them become more like Jesus.

Creating a formal discipleship atmosphere involves asking someone to spend routine time together looking at God’s Word, praying, and working through life situations for a certain season. When the Lord directs you to someone to disciple, begin by simply inviting them into a friendship that has spiritual growth as the goal. This is discipleship transferred; a disciple making a disciple.

Scriptures to Read & Study

Thought and Discussion Questions

  • Do you feel equipped to disciple others? Why or why not?
  • Would you be willing to help someone else walk through Faith Path? Begin praying that God would lead you to someone to help. 
  • What specific character traits of Jesus made Him a great disciple-maker? 
  • Are you actively and regularly praying for specific people who don’t know Jesus? 
  • Are you pursuing friendships and relationships with other believers? 
  • Has God been good to you? Have you gone through hard times by faith? Would you be willing to share these experiences with others? This is how you help others to follow Jesus.