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Return To Virtual Services - December 2020

Greetings Trinity family.

In light of the recent spike in Covid-19 cases in our area, the church leadership has decided to return to virtual services for the remainder of December and January.

This is not an easy decision but we believe it is the most prudent one at this time. Our primary concern has continued to be providing the safest possible environment for corporate worship. While we believe our measures and practices have been appropriate, the current situation has raised the level of concern for large group gatherings. From the beginning, the leadership has been well advised by trusted medical professionals who attend the church about our response to the virus and issues it has created for us all.

It was a wonderful blessing to begin meeting again in the building back in June, as we all sincerely missed being together. Nothing can replace in-person community and worship. However, returning to virtual service is the safest option at the moment. Please pray with us that this time our separation will be brief, and that when we return to Sunday mornings in the building, the major concerns of Covid-19 will be behind us. And also please remember that our identity as the Church is not our ability to meet together - as important as that is - but as the body of Christ (Ephesians 1:22-23). He is our common bond. Our faith in Him makes us brothers and sisters. It is good and right to long to be together in our church home, but until we can do that safely, we are still the Church, we can still worship, the Word will still be preached, and we can still tell others about the hope we have found (1 Peter 3:15).

The Sunday morning 10:30am service will be livestreamed as it was in the spring. You can watch it live via our website homepage or with Facebook Live. The video recordings will also be available on our website for future viewing. In addition, our smaller gatherings such as Community Groups and Prayer Meetings will continue to meet at the church, at the discretion of their leaders.

There will also be a special virtual event for Christmas Eve, so please watch for updates and more information!

Finally, we encourage everyone to continue to stay connected and pray for one another! Join our prayer email list ( and sign up for text updates and info by texting the word JOINTRINITY to 84576. Visit our website,, for information and previous sermons and podcasts.

In His service,

The Elders & Deacons